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Read this first before you drive an electric scooter


Across the world, electric scooters have grown to be important in terms of transportation, since a lot of startups and companies are putting up electric scooters for rent, electric scooter shops, and a lot of things that are about electric scooters which makes the interest of this grew even bigger and bigger.

Just like other trendy things, with any disruption, this can become a growing pain in the community, since there are cities that already have taken measures when it comes to people who ride electric scooters for safety reasons. Cities nowadays are committed to being a multi-modal city and a place where they can eliminate pedestrian accidents that always involve electric scooters.

If you want to own an electric scooter sooner or later, you should learn more about how to optimize its performance and its overall safety for the benefit of everyone.

You should learn these five things that you have to know before you even decide to buy an electric scooter for yourself.

  • Ride your electric scooter on the street- This means that you should drive it on the street, not on the bike path, not on the promenade, not on parks, and most especially the sidewalks because someone could get seriously injured if you hit them accidentally. There is no such thing to get you around it because electric scooters can go up to twenty miles per hour and are required to be driven on the street and with the flow of traffic. Electric scooters are not allowed also to be driven on promenades or beach bike paths and sidewalks. You should be aware that there are already rules and regulations that many countries impose when it comes to electric scooters, so do not get mad if you get a ticket for driving inappropriately with your electric scooter regardless if it is the best electric scooter for commuting.

    electric scooter

    Electric scooter is not a toy- You should make sure that your electric scooter will not be used by kids. You should also have a valid license or permit to drive one and do not lose your driving privileges because your electric scooter might be impounded or you will get a ticket from it. For children, it is simply not for them, they will surely meet an accident if you let them drive one.

  • Park responsibly- You should pay respect to others when you park your electric scooter somewhere. You should not park your electric scooter at the front lawn, or somewhere that blocks a pathway, or eats up a lot of space on its docking area. Be responsible, be respectful because you might be apprehended for being irresponsible. There are drop zones or dock zones in your area for sure that is why you have to ensure that your electric scooter is parked upright and to the edge of the curb so that you will not block someone‚Äôs access.
  • Always wear safety gears- It may not look and edgy as it seems, but for your own protection, before you get scars on your face and your body, you should wear safety gears just like riding a motorcycle because electric scooters are equally dangerous as cars and motorcycles when it comes to accidents. Wear helmet, knee and elbow pads, and gloves when driving an electric scooter, and do not drive fast.
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