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How To Clean the Catalytic Converter in A Right Way


You are not in a position to look to the catalytic converter; as there is no way you can see internal side of it that allows you to know if it’s clogged or no. So, it is important to know if your converter is clogged. However, it is good if you test this on each occasion you’re taking the car for servicing.

Does catalytic converter ever get dirty?

Catalytic converter is the essential parts of the car emission control system. They treat many harmful emissions made by the car engine, and converting them in harmless gases and water. Suppose catalytic converter ever malfunctions, then it should get replaced fast. Catalytic converter is the sophisticated engine unit that uses different principles of the organic chemistry. Core is generally the ceramic monolith with the honeycomb structure. The film of some precious metal will be laid over monolith that intercepts exhaust gases or decompose them. The reaction, happening at the high temperatures, causes an exhaust to be less harmful environmentally. Ceramic monolith will be enclosed within the sealed casing and further is protected by the coating of insulation. The poorly maintained and faulty catalytic converter will result in the excessive fuel consumption and loss of car engine power and performance.

cleaning your catalytic converter

How to clean the catalytic converter?

  • Most expensive method for cleaning your catalytic converter is outright replacement of any part. It is what many mechanics may propose. Price of component differs as per the engine type and brand, but an average is from $370 to $745.
  • Moderately costly option that needs a little more time and mechanical experience, is complete removal of a catalytic converter to replace this with the straight pipe. The straight pipe is one piece of the metal pipe, which replaces catalytic converter of the car, but doesn’t treat an exhaust gas in protecting our environment. Main goal behind an installation of the straight pipe is boosting the car performance. Indeed, catalytic converter, whose goal is to reduce the exhaust pollution, results in a very little loss of recovery and speed. Suppose it becomes essential to replace a catalytic converter, straight pipe is the cheap and environmentally harmful choice.
  • Least costly option, without any need for entailing and disassembly the shortest service, and that is one alternative to part the replacement, is the hydrogen treatment through Carbon Cleaning station. The service works as the preventative treatment, suggested each 15,000 kms, but also can cure the existing problems in a car engine.

Take Your Vehicle To Professional Mechanic

Suppose you realize your converter is clogged, then it is better you take this to the professional mechanic. The mechanic will open and dismantle the parts with help of commencing this up.

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